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Countdown to 10K!

I have never been a runner but I will never turn down a Disney event.


A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I’d run a Disney 5k with her during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Obviously, I said yes and we signed up. I’ve never done a race anywhere other than Disney but I don’t think anything else compares to the excitement and energy that surrounds you.

My first 5k, Mickey & Minnie Royal Family 5k started a tradition that I never saw coming. I think I’ve done 5 Run Disney 5k’s since I moved to Florida and I’ve enjoyed them all.

I’ve always been really emotional seeing the runners, especially for the 10k and the half so I knew I wanted to try it one day.

When registration opened last week, I was torn between the 5k (that I know I can do) and the 10k {that will be a total challenge.} Clearly I signed up for the 10k because this is a post about it but I want to take you all on this journey with me as I train for one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Crossing that finish line will be such a huge accomplishment for me but also for everyone who’s said I can’t do this.

I’m going to update you on my workouts, highs, lows, and everything else that’s going to come with this training. I have my sights set on the finish line and Pocahontas medal so let’s do this!

Countdown to 10K! -- DAY 1

Countdown to 10K! -- DAY 1

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