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Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream


I’ve always wanted to go to Disney on Ice! I’m pretty sure my mom said when we went when I was little but I have absolutely no memory of it!

Everytime it’s been close to Tampa it just never worked out for us to go. For Christmas last year, Aidan surprised me with front row tickets.

Last night we finally got to see the show and it was absolutely incredible! It’s already cool enough to see your favorite Disney stories come to life at the parks and on broadway but seeing it on ice takes it to another level.

I apologize in advance for the low quality photos. It turns out being super excited and only using an iPhone doesn’t result in high quality photos when they’re quickly skating around the ice.

Walking into Amalie Arena it was packed with kids and families and you could just feel the excitement. Before we even walked up the stairs to get in, we spotted our first merchandise stand.

When Aidan surprised me he included a voucher for the Dare To Dream program so I picked that up right away. This stand also had cotton candy that came with a crown on top. Some of the cotton candy cane with a Pua hat if you’re a Moana fan!


Right after we walked up the stairs we approached our first actual merchandise stand. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Everything from light up spinners to character plush and swords. Disney comes prepared.

The merchandise stands are EVERYWHERE when you get inside the arena. If there’s a line at one, just walk a few fight and you’ll find another one.

I knew going into it I wanted to get one of the snow cones everyone tells me about. I chose the Mickey cup for mine and Aidan got one of the mason jars with lemonade.

Once again, there were tons of choices to choose from but there were also character straws so obviously I snagged a Beauty and the Beast one!

After we checked out the merch and got our snacks, we went down to our magical seats. I knew that we were in the front row but I just assumed that there would be a barrier between us and the ice. Not at all. I could’ve touched the ice if I wanted to. It was absolutely perfect!


I mean you can’t get much closer to the ice than this!

The show started with a Coco preshow. Miguel sang ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Un Poco Loco.’


After Coco, the skaters came out and got the crowd pumped up and then introduced Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Donald.

Beauty and the Beast was the first official part of the show. It started with Gaston and Lefou and went through the story and songs from BATB. it was absolutely beautiful.

Next up was Cinderella and it started out with Anastasia and Drizella stealing the show, as always!

The Tangled section started with an introduction from Flynn Rider and Maximus. Rapunzel joined them and went through the songs from the movie. Flynn and Rapunzel flew in the air and it was absolutely magical and completely breathtaking. The ruffians and thugs even made an appearance!

INTERMISSION - was about 15-20 minutes and started right after the Tangled section ended.

Frozen was first up after the intermission and the crowd went wild. Elsa’s skating skills were absolutely insane. The entire Frozen section was absolutely perfect and beautiful.

Moana closed the official show and the crowd absolutely loved it! There was even fire during this section so you know it was great!

After Moana, the rest of the cast came back out and skated one last time for the crowd.

Dare to Dream is an incredible show and if you get the chance to see it I highly recommend it! Please let me know if you have any questions about the show or about our experience!

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