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Top 5 Spots For Parade Viewing At Magic Kingdom

Top 5 Spots For Parade Viewing At Magic Kingdom


There aren’t many things that I love more than a Disney parade. Disney knows how to bring you in right from the start. The music starts before you can even see the parade and the excitement really kicks in.

Before I go into my favorite spots, I want to give a few parade tips. Just in case you’ve never been before and you want to be front and center. Depending on the time of year, I'd say arrive anywhere from 30 minutes - 1 1/2 hours to get a perfect spot! Obviously if you're there on holidays and during the peak seasons there's going to be more people watching the parade so you'll need to get your spot early. I recommend bringing a blanket or towel and getting some snacks/drinks if you're planning on waiting for the parade. There's a few ledges you can sit on, but there aren't many. Plus, Florida is HOT so if you’re wanting to sit on the sidewalk it will burn you.

I wanted to share my top 5 favorite spots for watching Festival of Fantasy at Magic Kingdom. I’d love to hear where your favorite spots are located! Let me know in the comments below.

— Frontierland —

Most of the parades at Magic Kingdom will step off next to the Splash Mountain gate in Frontierland. This means when the parade starts at 3, you’ll actually start to see it at 3. If you want to watch the parade and then head to your next location (or run to Town Square to watch the parade again) this is the place to be!

There's some great shaded spots in front of the Frontierland Trading Post & Country Bear Jamboree, but get there early! You can also usually come in and grab a spot close to the front just before step off from Frontierland. Most guests will watch the parade from the Castle hub, Main Street, or Town Square.



This is the location right in front of the castle. If you’re dream is to watch the parade and see the castle in the background, this is the location for you! There's tons of spots around the hub, and in the hub grass, where you can sit and watch the parade. This is one of the first locations to fill up with guests because it leads to every other area of the park. Personally, if I'm watching the parade from this area, I like to be facing the castle where I can see the parade crossing over from Liberty Square to the Castle Hub. You’ll usually start to see the parade from this point about 5-10 minutes after it steps off.



There’s just something so special about watching a Disney parade from Main Street. I really don’t know what to say other than that. You’ll usually start to see the parade about 10-15 minutes after it steps off when you’re here. It’s very hard to find a spot on Main Street if you’re coming in last minute so try to get here early if you’re wanting a front spot.

Depending on where the sun is shining during the day, you may be able to get a shaded spot on Main Street. I love watching the parade on the East side of Main Street with Uptown Jewelers and the Confectionery.


— Town Square —

Any of the locations around Town Square are incredible. If you're able to get in, I highly recommend watching from the train station. If you’re getting into Magic Kingdom right in time for the parade this is a great location. Typically, you can find some last minute spots here. It really just depends on the day.


— In between the Emporium and the Barber Shop —

This is my absolute favorite spot when I’m watching the parade. This is the last spot of the parade before the parade finishes and ends backstage. I love getting that final interaction with the characters before they continue on with their day. This location will fill up quickly.


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