Breakfast at Woody's Lunch Box…and I'm still full.

This past weekend, I headed over to Toy Story Land again for early morning EMH and was finally able to enjoy a meal at Woody’s Lunch Box.

Woody’s Lunch Box is the quick service restaurant located inside of Toy Story Land. It is not an indoor location but all of the tables have an umbrella for some much needed shade. It’s a very colorful restaurant and you may even be able to sit at a table made from Babybel cheeses. We were seated next to the tower with some Green Army Men on top and really enjoyed their periodic conversations.

You can use mobile ordering at this location (which I HIGHLY recommend). It took about 5-10 minutes for us to get our food after we had placed the order.

You can look at the menu on the Disney World website. I’ve also included the link here:

We sampled quite a bit from the menu but need to go back and try the Lunch Box Tarts.

Breakfast Bowl

Aidan had this one and generously described what he thought of it for us.

  • Comes with eggs, gravy, potatoes, and green onions

  • Really nice and tasty

  • The eggs were cooked really well

  • It was “nice and warm” when we picked it up

  • The brisket gravy is pretty great

  • He finished it in about 4 seconds

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

  • The bread is fried, like a grilled cheese

  • It’s made with sourdough bread so it’s a bit tough

  • It didn’t have a lot of eggs on it but made up for it with lots of turkey

  • It’s a bit dry, Aidan added mayo to it

  • It’s a tall sandwich (with a lot going on) so it’s hard to bite into

  • It tastes good, but is tough

  • Aidan mentioned that it tasted like fried food and that it was a bit much for 8am

  • He liked the breakfast bowl better than the sandwich

S’mores French Toast


  • If you don’t like Nutella you won’t like this

  • It’s very sweet and I had a hard time finishing mine (I only got the kids size which is half of a sandwich)

  • If you don’t want a whole one, opt for the kids meal. You’ll get to choose 2 sides (orange or potato barrels) and a drink. I chose 2 sides of potato barrels and a bottled water

Cheese Sauce

  • It’s a nacho cheese sauce and not the same type of cheese you get with Mickey pretzels

  • You don’t get a lot of it so I would order 2 sides of it.

Mystic Portal Punch

  • Aidan described it as what it would taste like if you put a red and green skittle in your mouth at the same time

  • It’s nice, it tastes like sugar

Souvenir Alien Sipper

  • It’s better quality than the Beauty and the Beast rose sipper


Breakfast at Woody’s lunch box was delicious and so much fun!! Definitely do mobile ordering and try something new! I’ll report back when we go back for lunch/dinner!

XOXO — Cannon and the Castle