BEST DAY EVER! Our trip to the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast

We recently took a trip to the Boardwalk to check out the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno.

This is one of the newest character dining experiences and it was so much fun! You may run into Rapunzel & Flynn Rider and Ariel and Prince Eric.

When you’re seated, they’ll bring you a plate of delicious pastries to enjoy while you look over the menu.

They have a pretty large menu. Morgan got the tower of pancakes and I got the Flounder and Ariel shaped waffles. Everything was delicious.

*the waffles weren’t on the main menu when we went. They’re on the kids menu, but they were able to give me an adult portion of the waffles.

Once you’re seated and sorted out the characters will start coming to your table. The character set up is like most of the others where the characters do a rotation and come to your table while you’re eating. If you don’t see a certain character, there’s character attendants wandering around who can arrange for one of the characters to come back to your table. They’ll also come around and make sure you’ve seen everyone.

This is a really fun dining experience if you’re looking to meet some rare characters (Prince Eric and Flynn Rider). The food is really yummy and the service was very quick. We got to the Boardwalk super early so we went right into the restaurant to see if we could get seated and they sat us right away. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of character dining.

It was $34 for adults when we went and $20 for children

XOXO, Cannon and the Castle