What's in your bag? My must haves for any park day!

There’s nothing more important for a day in the parks than making sure you have your essentials to get through the day. I’ve been through my fair share of bags filled with what I thought were my essentials to get through the day. After years of practice being at Disney parks all over the world, I’ve finally figured out what works best for me any time I’m going to a theme park. Whether it’s Disney, Universal, or Busch Gardens — these are my go-to’s for any day full of adventures.

My top 3 essentials for any park day (Disney edition):


I honestly don’t know how I used to make it through full park days from open to close wearing sandals or wedges. These days, comfortable shoes are the only way I’m making it through the day. I’m OBSESSED with wearing Keds to the park. Not only are they super comfortable for me but there are so many different types and styles that they can really go with any outfit. Whether it’s a day dress, or a shirt and shorts — Keds will style up any outfit.


This is very important for a successful park day. The size of your bag plays a huge part in making sure you have everything you need to get through the day. You don’t want something so small that you can’t fit anything or so big that you’re struggling to carry it around all day. For me, backpacks and crossbody bags have been perfect for what I carry along with me.

Since I bought this Kate Spade backpack it has been my go to. It’s a lot bigger than it looks and holds quite a bit so I never feel like I need to leave something important behind. It’s so nice to wear it around the park instead of carrying something around.

Crossbody bags are great because you can just throw it over your shoulder and it’s out of the way. It also provides easy access if you need to grab something (like chapstick or your phone) quickly. I’m obsessed with Danielle Nicole & Disney Dooney & Bourke bags. They’re perfect for days in the park. (I’ll include a separate post that shows all of my Disney bags and why I love them).

Wondering what’s inside of my bag? I’ve listed my every day essentials in the photo below. These are what I use every time I go to the parks.

To start things off, sunglasses. You’d be crazy to go anywhere in Florida without sunglasses; we are the sunshine state after all.

My Kate Spade card wallet keeps everything I need in a small space. I’m able to keep my cards, cash, ID, and any Disney gift cards in there for easy access when I’m in the parks. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute!

My favorite sunscreen is always Neutrogena. It smells great and keeps my skin protected. I’ll usually also have face sunscreen and spray in my suitcase but the lotion is what goes in my bag. I use a higher SPF because I burn really easily and skin cancer runs in my family so I want to make sure I’m as protected from the sun as I can be. Even though I don’t always remember to put it on (sorry Mom!)

MEGABABE THIGH RESCUE!!!!! I recently found about this hidden gem and it has seriously changed my life, especially when it’s hot which is like every day in Florida! This anti-chafe stick is AMAZING because I can wear dresses and shorts and I don’t need to worry about chafage and being unable to walk after the fact. This is such an incredible product, I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. My curves and thunder thighs love this stuff!

ISH Lip statement palette. I received this palette in a recent FabFitFun box and I’m seriously obsessed! I can change up my lip color and make my own based on where I’m going and what we’re doing.

I always have a compact mirror around for those times when I need a quick teeth check or make-up refresh. Especially when there’s a character meet & greet involved.

My final four are all equally as great. I wouldn’t be complete with chapstick, hand sanitizer, aleve/tylenol, and mints. You should also have these in every day life. I’ve never had a day where one of these wasn’t needed.


My favorite part of any Disney look. There are so many shapes, styles, colors for Mickey and Minnie ears that you can really show off your own individual Disney style. The parks are getting a lot better at designing stylish ears but the hidden gems are all on Etsy. As much as I love Disney (and I own lots of park ears) the ears bought in the parks are not the most comfortable. The great thing about buying ears from shops online is that you’re not only helping a small shop succeed but you’ll be getting ears that you can wear all day from park open to park close. I’ve bought ears from many shops, but my absolute favorite for ears is Wayho Ears. These ears are so lightweight and comfortable that sometimes I even forget I have them on. They’re so well made that I’ve had cast members in the parks ask me where I bought them. If you don’t have any Disney ears yet, take a look on Etsy. There’s tons of great shops to choose from with affordable and beautiful ears!

Well, that’s it for my park essentials. If you have any questions about what I use or where it’s from definitely let me know, I’m happy to help!

See ya real soon,

XOXO Cannon and the castle